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We believe that a video is like a beautiful tailor-made dress. It can most accurately interpret a customer's needs. Our team offers creative and professional skills to help clients make video. Through ex-post production and editing, we use all possible resources to bring you a satisfying result.


Shunfeng Commercial Micro Film- the Taste of Home


Mid-Autumn festival is a battle between all the business. In the fight of this year, Shunfeng Commercial used Mid-Autumn Home Festival for propaganda,which quietly slid into the sight of customers. RDMD helped doing the on-off line publicity for Yangcheng Lake crabs. We presented creative solutions, directing and making out the film. We achieved the goal of perceptual advertising combined with business promotion, and that calls killing two birds with one stone.

China Gongkong Net 2015 Propaganda Film


Gongkong Net is the pioneer leader of China automation manufacturing industry and Internet economy. The propaganda films focused on the optimization of industrial 8341 service system created by Gongkong. This is the industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing called "Internet +” service platform of business development strategy, which provided industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing with solutions of marketing strategy, brand promotion, product sales, technical service and team building service.

Haifeng General Aviation Company Film


As the only State-owned units engaged in aircraft support systems integration, Haifeng General Aviation Company provides long-term research, production and engineering services for military aircrafts’ support system and equipment. It is experienced in general aircraft support system, information construction of airport planning and design of navigation and shipping, particularly in air rescue, wild rescue, airport construction and low-altitude surveillance.

Shanghai West Bund Film

Biennale of Architecture & Contemporary Art, West Bund


Biennale of architecture and contemporary art on West Bund has its significance of starting from scratch. “West Bund 2013” as its first exhibit will focus on space construction, art production and future prospect these three aspects. Through the combination of architecture, contemporary art and drama, together with sounds, films, spaces, devices and performances, West Bund is making itself an international interdisciplinary Arts front, an advance platform of contemporary urban culture and the largest outdoor art gallery of 21st century.


Promo of China Systems Engineering Research Institutes


CSSC always plays a leading role in warship equipment developing industry. It made several huge breakthroughs in equipment and scientific researches. So far CSSC has gained 339 Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology both nationally and provincially.

Film of Beijing Urban Engineering Design & Research Institute


Beijing Urban Engineering Design & Research Institute was set up in 1958, it is grounded to provide design and surveying services for China’s first subway line -- Beijing Subway Line 1. Over the past five decades, the institute has completed a number of eye-catching projects which gained approvals both the government and clients. Honored with “Wuyi” Labor Prize and Capital Labor Prize, Beijing Urban Engineering Design & Research Institute is devotee to become a integrated service agency leading by design.

Going back to Wuzhong

Taihu Lake Tourism Film, Wuzhong district, Jiangsu Province


The promo tells the story of Han Xue’s returning hometown to attend her bestie’s wedding ceremony. Through recalling Han’s childhood memories and displaying present scenery, it reflects the changes which have taken place from the past to now. Most of the plots are adapted from Han’s personally experiences as she lived in Suzhou which deliver her strong affection to her hometown.
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