Our aim is to provide the most intimate marketing services in the world.

Advertising means broadcasting and propaganda. In a rapidly changing and fastly developing world, you need more professional and thoughtful service to achieve your dialogue with the world, focusing the audience's attention.

RDMD, With 9 year's experience, will provide the most thoughtful implementation services for you.

With the most sincere service, we touch you who have wise vision.


We have the most complete business system
in order to provide professional service with creation and preciseness.
  • Brand identity
  • Brand strategy
  • VI design
  • Packaging design
  • Creative posters
  • Image album
  • DM graphic design
  • Brand marketing strategy
  • Self-Media
  • WeChat
  • Mirco blog marketing
  • APP development
  • Web design and production
  • Electronic magazine
  • Public relations
  • Event planning
  • Theme ideas
  • Activities performing
  • Site maintenance
  • Video design
  • Corporate videos
  • Advertising film
  • Feature films
  • Dimensional animation
  • Advertising
  • Advertising planning
  • Printed advertising design
  • Multimedia advertising
  • Outdoor advertising design
  • Print design and production
  • Gifts agent, design and production
  • Packaging design
  • CR Mkt.
  • Telephone marketing
  • Marketing database management
  • Network activities planning management
  • Electronic journal producing & release
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Direct mail services




RDMD(Beijing)Advertising co.,LTD.

Add :19-112 of Jingyuan Multi-Media Square, Guangqu East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Tel:010-88856403 Fax:010-88856404-8028

RDMD(Shanghai)Advertising co.,LTD.

Add: 302 of Chunshen Creative Square, Build A, Meifu Road, Minhang Disrict, Shanghai Tel:021-64770900/021-52212031 Fax:021-52212091*811

RDMD(Guangzhou)Cultural Communication co.,LTD.

Add:Room A58 of 9th Floor,North Building of Poly V Tower,Xiancun Road of Tianhe District of Guangzhou Tel:020-22278110 Fax:020-22278111

  • RDMD(Shenzhen)Advertising co.,LTD.

    Add: 13F of No.6, Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen Tel:0755-86280377 Fax:0755-86280377

  • RDMD(Taiwan)Advertising co.,LTD.

    Add: 7F No.400 of Longji Road, Xinyi District, Taibei Tel:886-2729-2200 Fax:886-27290035

  • RDMD(Xiamen)Advertising co.,LTD.

    Add:303 No.12,Wanghai Road, Xiamen Software Square Tel:0061-2-98908783 Fax:0061-433567669

  • RDMD(Sydney)Advertising co.,LTD.

    Add:12/75 Victoria Road,Parrmatta,NSW2150.Australia Tel:0061-2-98908783 Fax:0061-433567669


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